Remember me?

Does anyone remember me, or care that I havent been posting? I’m still here, but free time is severely lacking. It’s all work work work.

Atleast now we are in Theatre season. I have Catch Me If You Can coming up soon and am excited to see it. Trying to decide if I want to see Rock of Ages when it returns in May.

Something new, that isn’t really new, is my BBC obsession. Doctor Who is coming into it’s 50th year, and I love the Doctor. Sherlock is another wonderful show that I’ve been watching. Benedict Cumberbach is amazing.

I would love to be able to say that I have a trip planned, but alas,  there is nothing in the works. Maybe I can have something ready by this next Fall.

Well, I will sign off. Good night, and Serene Dreams.

I live

Hello one and all.  Welcome to this, my first entry of the year.  I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but give me a break, I’ve been busy.  Ok, not really busy but I forget that I have this thing going, so I don’t come here.   Right now, I am house sitting and had a thought that I could post something about that here.  I could also tell you all about the cruise I was recently on.  Oh boy do I have stories to tell.  I will leave you all, the whole two readers out there, in suspense and come back on tomorrow with a great story about my cruise.


I know.  It has been a long time since I posted anything here.  I almost forgot that I had a blog, not that anyone really reads these anyway.  Not much has changed in my life, really.  I did get a new car.  I loved my little old Saturn, but I am really enjoying my new Focus.  It has ambient lighting that I can change the colour to suit my mood.  And I can talk to it to get the music I want.  I once again have season tickets to the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis.  It looks like an awesome line up, and it starts on Sunday with Wicked.  I got myself a Kindle, that way I never need to take it out of my purse and I have plenty to read when I get the chance at work.  I have a new job title at the Vet Clinic that I work at, I am now an Office Manager (I got this title in March so it really isn’t new).  I have been able to de-stress once a week going out with friends, which is really nice (especially when I put 42 hours in at one job in 3 days, not including the 3+ hours I put in at the other).  So I guess there have been some changes to my life, but it still seems to go the same no matter what.  Still having troubles falling asleep, still being a little crazy, still working and talking about work as if it is the only thing going on.  Maybe something will happen soon.  We will see.

– Serene Dreams to all reading this


So I have been experiencing a bit of stress lately.  I don’t usually let things get to me, but lately it has been bugging me.  Tonight I even found my eyes watering, as if I were crying but that’s not it.  I think that it will get better once I have a bit of R&R.  That will be over the coming weekend, but it is only Monday night.  I need to find something to do this weekend to take my mind off of other things.  I just don’t feel like making any kind of plans.  May after I pick my grandma up from the airport I can take her to a fun restaurant.  I think I can handle that.  Three more days of work, that’s it… Three more days.


This entry is quite pointless, you may as well turn away now.  You know how when you travel, especially to somewhere you have never been before, people are always telling you not to go anywhere alone?  That is something that annoys me.  I have had that told to me several times, but the guys that I am traveling with never get told that bit of information.  I have a reputation with some of my friends as a very good navigator.  I can get anywhere from anywhere with minimal directions.  While I was in New Zealand, I went to rent a car for a two-week road trip.  The biggest problem was that in Hamilton the rental cost would have been a lot more than the place that I rented the car in Auckland, and that included the price of a bus ticket to get from Hamilton to Auckland.  Since I didn’t have any classes on Fridays, I went to Auckland by myself, and walked the mile trek from the bus depot to the rental shop.  To me that doesn’t seem unreasonable, but I knew better than to tell my parents I made the trip alone.  Auckland is a city of 1.3 million people, 100 times the size of my home town.  But if you compare Auckland to the other cities I have explored, it is still quite small.

  • 1/10 the size of Moscow
  • 1/7 the size of London
  • 1/4 the size of St. Petersburg
  • 1/3 the size of MN’s Twin Cities
  • 1/2 the size of Paris

I have always had a pretty good sense of direction.  So to me, I never think twice about going off for  a random walk, no matter how much time I have spent in a place or how large the population is.  I have a few advantages over other people though.  I have an excellent internal compass, I am observant regarding landmarks and the people around me, I have some knowledge of self-defense and I am a strategist.

Sorry you had to read all that.  I am trying to fall asleep.
Good Night and Serene Dreams


Okay, so I know I haven’t written anything lately.  Well, nothing has been happening in my life, personally.  So I am going to talk about my favorite camping experiences.  It’s cold outside, I want to think about warmer weather, okay?!

  • I once went on a camping trip with my church youth group.  The only problem, the other girl in my group couldn’t go due to family things.  So, I was stuck with 7 guys and me being the only girl.  One of the kids had ADHD, and was on meds, but he would toss them into the lake instead of taking them.  The favorite quote from the trip was “JOHNSONVILLE BRATS” yelled as loud as possible.
  • While I was studying in New Zealand, my friends and I went on a few trips, and though most of the time we slept in a car or van it was still as good as camping in my mind.  One night we set up a tent in a park in Rotarua.  During the night a park maintainance vehicle went by the tent, you know the kind with the yellow blinking light on the top.  My friend woke me up saying, “Jess, they called the cops on us.  Shhh.  We’re asleep.”  No one even approached the tent in the night. 
  • Another night when we were sleeping in the car, again in a park, more like at the start of a hiking trail, there was this guy that pulled up next to us and started to knock on our windows looking for somebody, or maybe looking for his dealer. 
  • We did get kicked out of the park outside of Wanaka that we set up our van in.  We made it until about 5 in the morning before anyone  came upon us.  We decided to move the van to a parking lot in Wanaka.  The best thing about this time, was when we were making our oatmeal breakfast, all bundled up with the camping stove, a woman came up to us and asked if we needed any food.  Looking back at the pictures, by that point in the trek we did look a bit like hobos.

A closing statement: Wicked vans are the best thing to travel in.


Have you ever had a dream that you wish you could remember?  Yesterday, I woke up vaguely remembering my dream.  I remember that it was a good dream.  But now, I can’t even recall one part of it.  Why is it that people remember the crappy dreams so much clearer than the dreams that are good.  I can remember nightmares I had as a child, but not even a piece of my last good dream.  The human mind is a strange place to explore.  Maybe tonight I will be able to have a good dream that I will remember.

-Serene Dreams all


I know that I talk a lot about work, but really I don’t have that much else to talk about in my life.  Since starting there, I have become more of a germ-phobe then I ever have been in the past.  I always make sure that if I have to touch any of the kids’ clothes, that I am wearing gloves and wash my hands afterward (a good caution with some of them anyways).  Well, tonight I gave 3 hair cuts.  Tonight was the first time that I did not wear gloves giving hair cuts.  It has been 2 hours since I finished the last one, and I still feel itchy.  I have washed my hands, my arms, put my clothes in to be washed, and I still feel that I need to take a shower before bed.  I think my phobia is getting worse.  But I guess until I can no longer live without washing my hands 15 times before doing anything, I will just have to deal with it the best I can.  Now all I have to do is make sure that I have gloves before friday when I am giving at least 2 more hair cuts.  Dang me and my awesome fashion skills.


So I have taken up my old habits of being a bad influence, but it is always for the better in my mind.  When I was in high school, I helped to corrupt the minds of a couple different people’s children.  I helped to turn them to the Drama way of life.  Lately, I have been bringing a game into work.  I work with criminally minded children in the first place, so you would think it was difficult to corrupt their closed little minds.  This game however teaches the ways of life, without making it seem that way.  The game?  Killer Bunnies.  It is a game of revenge, disaster, and proves that you can still win the game so long as you have one bunny alive and have a previously selected Magic Carrot.  They think that it is all fun and games, until I kill off all of their bunnies, take all of their carrots and win the game with a strategy that I work hard to build.  If they learn to plan ahead, they too can survive, but that sometimes means not killing other peoples bunnies.  Instead working with someone else.  I have taught at least a dozen kids how to play, and I can only think of two who are really starting to learn this lesson.


So today I forgot to bring a book with me to work.  What can I say, I am bored.  The last of the kids went to bed at 10pm, and I have to stay until 11.30pm.  Now, without a book to read or a decent internet connection, have nothing to do until the next room check.  That is the bad thing about getting all your work done quickly.  What to do?  I could work on poems, or a story that I have saved on google documents, or even find a book here that I could read.  But no, I think that I will continue to be bored and complain about it.  Tomorrow, I am going to plan ahead and make sure that I have something to keep me occupied.  Granted tomorrow night the last of the kids will be going to bed at 11pm, but that still gives me an extra 30 minutes that I will have nothing to do.  My life is so difficult sometimes.

So a serene night to anyone reading this.